Mother Goose Club Theme Song (HD)00:31

Mother Goose Club Theme Song (HD)

Theme Song is the sixth video made by Mother Goose Club, and the third video to feature the MGC.


This video introduces the gang.



All: Everybody let's go go! Jump up

Wiggle and giggle with the Mother Goose Club

Teddy: I'm Teddy!

Eep: I'm Eep!

Baa Baa: I'm Baa Baa Sheep!

Mary: I'm Mary!

Jack: I'm Jack!

Bo Peep: I'm Little Bo Peep!

All: Everybody let's go go!

Sing a song, we'll all sing along with the Mother Goose Club. The Mother Goose Club!


  • This video has 3,307,742 views.
  • This video has 753 likes and 611 dislikes.
  • This video reveals Mary and Eep's names.
  • From "sing a song" onward, the theme song is played in every video.

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